Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some (Finally) Finished Cushions

At the beginning of this year I was thinking about projects I was working on last year and decided to pay more attention to other of my hobbies except knitting that were missed out for long time. For example I don't remember last time I sewed some clothes...

I sought through my hidden unfinished projects (I still fight with this bad habit) and fell into finishing them.

First of all I completed some of patchwork cushions. 

All these 4 cushions (above and below) are for my mom (photos are taken at her couch :-))

I wanted to try something traditional, classic hand sewn Granny's garden. I just like this motif. I'm sure I will (probably) never start working on something bigger than a cushion, because it's quite work-intensive. But I dream of having a quilt full of these flowers :-)

I keep finishing and hope I will have more free time also for writing than in the last 3 months...