Sunday, February 17, 2013

This can't be true...

During last fall I planned to knit some new cardigans for coming winter. The reason is simple, my favorite one, which I used to wear in really chilly days, doesn't look too well anymore.

At first I thought only finishing of my Bromptom cardigan could solve this problem. It was almost done, only one sleeve and buttons were missing. I was so excited when I finished it, the yarn was so nice and the color was just "universal". I bought wooden buttons, simple but perfectly fitting.

It was just perfect, I really liked it, but I was sure it could be even better. I tried to block it and hoped pattern on hems would be better visible. And it really is. But... I would never believe what can happen and how fast something can be destroyed...

I couldn't believe it when I took the cardigan out of water. The damned buttons released part of their dye and stained the cardigan. I can't express by words how frustrated I was...

So my next task is to learn something about wool dyeing and turn it into brown cardigan. I hope I will save it.

In the meantime to feel little better I was working on other cardigan - Lace Panel Cardigan. The result is great and buttons are plastic, so I'm not afraid the horrible disaster will happen again :-)

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