Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some (Finally) Finished Cushions

At the beginning of this year I was thinking about projects I was working on last year and decided to pay more attention to other of my hobbies except knitting that were missed out for long time. For example I don't remember last time I sewed some clothes...

I sought through my hidden unfinished projects (I still fight with this bad habit) and fell into finishing them.

First of all I completed some of patchwork cushions. 

All these 4 cushions (above and below) are for my mom (photos are taken at her couch :-))

I wanted to try something traditional, classic hand sewn Granny's garden. I just like this motif. I'm sure I will (probably) never start working on something bigger than a cushion, because it's quite work-intensive. But I dream of having a quilt full of these flowers :-)

I keep finishing and hope I will have more free time also for writing than in the last 3 months...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

This can't be true...

During last fall I planned to knit some new cardigans for coming winter. The reason is simple, my favorite one, which I used to wear in really chilly days, doesn't look too well anymore.

At first I thought only finishing of my Bromptom cardigan could solve this problem. It was almost done, only one sleeve and buttons were missing. I was so excited when I finished it, the yarn was so nice and the color was just "universal". I bought wooden buttons, simple but perfectly fitting.

It was just perfect, I really liked it, but I was sure it could be even better. I tried to block it and hoped pattern on hems would be better visible. And it really is. But... I would never believe what can happen and how fast something can be destroyed...

I couldn't believe it when I took the cardigan out of water. The damned buttons released part of their dye and stained the cardigan. I can't express by words how frustrated I was...

So my next task is to learn something about wool dyeing and turn it into brown cardigan. I hope I will save it.

In the meantime to feel little better I was working on other cardigan - Lace Panel Cardigan. The result is great and buttons are plastic, so I'm not afraid the horrible disaster will happen again :-)

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I started to work on this shawl when I was spending some days off at my parents' in summer. Between my stashed yarns I still have in my old bedroom I discovered Rosana. It's quite old yarn, I think my mom bought it about 20 years ago. For long time I had no idea what to use it for. And so I decided for a shawl.

I chose Swallowtail shawl. At the beginning I was little bit skeptic. The yarn contains some percents of wool, but I was not sure I would be able to block it.

After blocking I was little bit disappointed. It happened what I was afraid of, the bottom hem was not sharp enough. But in the end I was very surprised how well the shawl looked like.

When I wear it I feel like being wrapped in freshly fallen snow :-)

My mom loves it just like me. This means she wants a similar shawl from the rest of yarn as well... ok, I already have idea about gift for Mother's day :-)

Saturday, January 5, 2013


It seems to me the last year was shorter than others... I can't explain it's over now by other way. It's just like a couple of days since I've written the summary of 2011.

15 finished knitting projects
3 finished crochet projects
7 unfinished knitting projects

And the best thing made? Surely my Percy Shawl: