Sunday, July 29, 2012

A New Fascination

A couple of weeks ago I finished my birthday gift for my Granny. She was absolutely excited when she saw a shawl I gave my mom as a Christmas gift that I had to promise to make one for her as well...

I was looking for a lacy, but not too difficult pattern and chose Dew Drops Shawl. And I think she will like it :-)

Here are some photos from my Granny's birthday party, my gift scored :-)

When I finished Dew Drops Shawl, I was so fascinated that I had to start working on another shawl... I would never believe it's possible to be dependent on shawl knitting, but never say never...
And there is my Percy Shawl.

I've also finished my Dancing Cranes Shawl I was working on from January!!!

These days are perfect for finishing old projects... And starting new ones as well :-)

That's a curse or maybe rather advantage of Ravelry database - I always find what I want (and even much more than I actually need)...