Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a weird spring

This spring is simply ridiculous. A month ago the weather was just perfect, sun was shining, but now... just cloudy sky and temperatures... really not breathtaking.

I'm really unlucky last couple of months. In January there was very frost weather. So I started to work on a  beret and cowl that would warm me up on way to work. I've chosen quite simple patterns - Duchess Starfish Hat and Garter Stitch Eternity Scarf, both from Ravelry.

But before I finished them, it was not freezing any more...

Well, at least I'm ready for next winter :-D

Then I was excited the spring had come, I started working on a crochet summer handbag - Flower Burst Bag, and the daily temperatures fell almost to zero again... the bag is done already, but lining is missing and I'm not in right mood to finish it. Maybe later.

On the other hand, it's a good time to work on a gift for my Granny. After she saw the Holden shawl I made for my mom as a Christmas gift:

and the last shawl I made (finally one for myself) - Oaklet Shawl:

she wanted to have her own as well. I promised to make one for her, but haven't told exactly when... so it will be a little surprise :-)

I chose Dew Drops Shawl and the same yarn as for Holden, just in a little different color. I hope she will like it...

And I hope that when I make it, the weather is much better and I can finally store all winter projects for next year :-)