Saturday, January 7, 2012


The year 2011 is over and it's the right time to resume little bit:
24 finished knitting projects
6 finished crochetting projects
7 unfinished knitting projects

hmm, my last resolution doesn't work too well... I should really change myself :-D
Luckily I can't figure out sewing project :-)

And if I should choose the most amazing thing I've created last year, it would be my magenta shrug:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Another gifts

On Friday we went to my boyfriend's mom. It was the first occasion to see her after Christmas and I could give her my gift. I knitted a shawl, just like for my mom. But I chose more simple pattern because she doesn't like lace designs too much - Soft Linen Shawl from Ravelry. And it was a good choice :-)

And I also made Mini xale Silver leaves shawl according to this pattern for my boyfriend's sister. I was little bit busy last week and just forgot to take the photo of it soonerMy boyfriend promised to help me to take photo because he had some days off. Unfortunatelly before I could check these photos, I gave it to his sister as Christmas gift… And now I found out it’s photo of wrong side of shawl… Oops :-(

Well, maybe next time...